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PornoTube is a pornographic adult website that provides audio, videos, and photos of explicit sex. It was originally modeled after YouTube in that it allows its users to upload their own pornographic media, however the site has quickly transitioned into placing short adult clips which serve as advertisements for popular porn sites such as Hustler, Vivid Video and Movie Monster.

PornoTube offers on demand MP4 videos of professional HD pornography. The site offers amateur sex clips, clips from pornographic pay sites and official porn films in 65 different categories. The site is very much useful for masturbation where those masturbating can see free pornography instead of having to buy or waiting for it to download.

The site is the most trafficked pornographic YouTube clone on the Internet, by far, ahead of similar sites xTube and YouPorn. It has been described as "the most important adult site on the Internet" and as a major development in Internet pornography. PornoTube received increased attention in late 2006 when an alleged sex video of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline appeared on the website.

The site is owned and operated by AEBN the Charlotte, North Carolina based adult pay per view innovater that also owns a host of other adult businesses including xPeeps and Movie Monster.

User Experience

The site is quite well designed and has common Web 2.0 or social networking features such as rating and comment on videos. Also, all videos on the site are tagged for easy searching and navigation. There are many RSS feeds for various categories and users can embed the video on their own sites, similar to YouTube.

PornoTube has been very aggressive about removing inappropriate content and unlicensed content for the fear of being sued by the major adult pornography suppliers. In fact, PornoTube has been sued by at least one already.

Site Detail

Price: Free

Videos: Over 1500 episodes about 30 minutes each (download and stream)

Pictures: None

Features: Search, RSS Feeds, Upload, Favorites, VOD Theater

Content Sources: Hustler, Vivid, user generated content


(+) Great user interace, simple navigation

(+) High quality video

(-) Filled with short promo clips, which are basically advertisements

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