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Price:Free for many videos; 29.95 per month for full access

Official Site - YouPorn

YouPorn is a typical example of a vertical marketing video upload community site. A memorable name, an obvious play on the better known YouTube name and an organization which allows users to become contributors in a way much like YouBoob have created a website which revolves around a heavy-traffic community.

As you’d expect this is more than a passing attempt to capitalize on the free porn video site trend or a poorly funded effort at creating a site that is a curiousity. The creators of YouPorn are well-funded, have a solid business model in mind, part of which must take into account the mainstream acceptance of much of porn, and know they need only to bide their time for the right opportunity to come along, for online history to be made again.

In the meantime they have succeeded in creating a website that is as instantly recognizable as most of its mainstream rivals and has a thriving community which is not afraid to upload 'smart' videos alongside the usual porn content.

User Experience

A classic community video upload site that allows you to upload videos from your computer, has its own download servers and offers a powerful and well thought out smart, sexy, online surfing experience. YouPorn has masses of content, you will find a wide variety of videos of varying lengths, everything is streamed on the site for a seamless experience and while you may not find anything of high resolution, the guarantee is that you will not soon exhaust the content of this site.

Site Detail

Price: Free.

Videos: Over 10000.

Pictures: None.

Features: Easy to navigate.

Content Sources: Industry and user generated.


(+) Free porn

(+) good organization

(-) No high resolution videos

(-) No photographs

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