Twisted Talent

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Twisted Talent
Type:Straight and Gay
Price:£3.00 per week
Terms:Memberships automatically renew at agreed times
Videos:6000+ scenes, 3gp
Images:Over 40,000+ images to download
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Twisted Talent is an adult mobile social networking site which allows users to make money from various features on the site. (Users take a revenue share from the site) The site went live in 2010 and is still in Beta the community getting bigger every day with the registered user base now sitting over 15,000 which is a large number considering this is a mobile site.


Twisted Talent is compatible with all mobile browsers including the Safari on the Iphone. Apple does not allow for Adult Apps in there store but the mobile site works very well on Safari. Currently an Android App is being built at the moment.

Effectively Twisted Talent allows to be come an Porn Star in your own right along with making money during the process.

Below is a list of features available on the site and how people can actually make money from these features.

Videos and Photos

Users can upload there own adult (porn) videos and photos for other users to download via there mobile handsets. This content can either be download on a pay per view basis or via a subscription to the site.

How do users make money from download your content ?

Pay Per View: Every time someone downloads your content you will take a cut for that download. The more videos and photos you upload the more money you will make.

Subscription: If someone who has a subscription and downloads your content, users will take a cut of the subscription fee based on the videos and photos that person has viewed. Basically the subscription fee is divided up against all of the content that person has viewed for different users. Again the more videos and photos you upload the bigger your revenue share will be.


Users can interact with each other by sending flirts to each other. Flirts are initially free to send and receive until the users has ‘Age Verified’ themselves (which I’ll go into further down). Once someone has ‘Age Verified’ themselves, they can then select to charge people to send them a flirt. Users have a number of different price levels they can charge for people to send flirt messages. The cheaper you sent your flirt price at the more flirts you will receive. Again users take a percentage per flirt message they receive.

If someone decides to charge to receive flirts, users can then rate the person they send a flirt to which in turn allows other users of the site know who would be a good person to send a flirt to.

Phone Chat

Once a user has ‘Age Verified’ they can then set themselves up for ‘Phone Chat’. Like Flirts users have the option to set the price per minute they would like to charge other users.

To call a user is a very simple process on the users profile page a short code will be displayed along with a pin code to enter to get connected to the person you want to chat to.

Other Free Services

Twisted Talent also offers a number of other free services which allows you to interact with users such as chat rooms, blog posts and forums.

Future Development

Video Chat is also another feature which is planned for the site which will allow you to have video chats with other users.

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