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Official Site - Fuckaroo

Fuckaroo is a site that thankfully does not live up to the literal meaning of its name. This is one of a small burgeoning network of free porn sites looking to capitalize on the monetization model of free porn sites across the net, which use pay sites’ promotion as their primary source of income.

What makes Fuckaroo stand apart from the rest is the fact that it has, in addition to offering links to the usual content, turned itself into a directory of other porn sites making this one a handy jump-from platform for those looking for content.

Benefiting from strong design and solid organizational structure this is a free porn site that actually works hard to create a sense of added-value through a powerful and user-friendly search facility.

In the Web 2.0 era free porn websites fall into two categories: old-fashioned top-down, centrally planned sites with a very specific vertical marketing business model in mind and community sites with added user interactivity and under-generated content. Fuckaroo is firmly in the former rather than the latter category but the professionalism with which the site has been prepared saves it from feeling old-fashioned.

User Experience

The design is great and there is a nice, friendly, subdued feel to the whole site that carries across from the color scheme to the fast serving of pages and powerful site search.

Site Detail

Price: Free.

Videos: Tons of flash videos available, fresh content posted daily.

Pictures: No pictures.

Content Sources: The content is all industry-generated.


(+) Free porn

(+) Good navigation

(-) No interactivity

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Rawjack - Not a fan.