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Official Site - Kaktuz

Kaktuz is a free porn site that has added little to the plethora of free porn sites crowding the web. With “free sex” being the predominant online search term (according to Google) a free porn site is bound to gain some of the cash flowing on the online networks, except in order to do so there still has to be an element which is monetizable.

To achieve this in the free porn business models site owners either create free networks to support (and in turn be supported by) the existing pay sites or work on the principle that traffic and an online community are convertible into advertising dollars for the pay sites and peripheral content sites such as adult dating and adult toys. This means that a site, in order to be successful requires more than just an array of porn video material and some links.

Few of the free porn sites manage to rise above this model and this is one of the reason many rise and then just vanish, leaving the field wide open to the organized industry types.

Kaktuz belongs to the category destined to either hang on by a thumbnail or else soon join the long list of departed free sites which do not remain even as a memory.

User Experience

Thumbnailed videos with descriptive titles links to other sites and the usual bandwidth-saving streaming video issues make this just another free porn site experience that fails to rise above the mediocre. There are no pictures the design, playing on the name feels old-fashioned and tired and the colour green does not work on the web. There is the usual poor quality industry-ad type clips and that’s about it.

Site Detail

Price: Free.

Videos: Video is streamed. Over 1000 videos.

Pictures: No pictures anywhere.

Features: None memorable.

Content Sources: The content is all industry-generated, no amateurs.


(+) Free porn

(-) Fast search

(-) No photography

(-) No downloadable videos

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