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Official Site - Heaven 666

Heaven 666 is a successful community-based porn site than manages to do the almost impossible: provide a better than average mix of porn-community solidarity with a very active forum and many registered members plus provide a good mix of content which goes right across the board of porn offerings with a focus on the hard stuff.

In terms of the online porn community which is by nature isolationist and resists any kind of community-building momentum this is an achievement in its own right and a testament of the website’s ability to provide the right mix of content and engender the right atmosphere.

The formula is hardly original but the very fact that it has been applied points to some careful thought and planning to have gone into the execution. The result is an unusual mix of community links, quality porn sites and community-generated content wit a stickiness that proves that when a style or character is introduced into a website it is possible to create just the right kind of user experience.

User Experience

The site is nicely designed with intuitive navigation and an incredible amount of content which ranges from lively discussions in the forums to an eclectic mix of links to pay sites. The content is varied enough with a sufficiently clever tone to everything to actually make you want to explore the whole site.

Site Detail

Price: Free.

Videos: Video links on this site lead to others. Over 3000 clips updated regularly.

Pictures: Some good pictures on links but you do have to hunt for them.

Features: Good search function.

Content Sources: The content is all industry-generated and site-owner controlled.


(+) Free porn

(+) Fast search

(+) Good community feel

(-) No downloads

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