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Official Site - Grayvee

Grayvee is a standard layout free porn site ran by an industry insider. The site’s owner ID is protected so there is no way to find out who it belongs to though a little research on who predominantly profits by the exposure of the clips on the site would quickly enough uncover some potential candidates which would fit the bill.

Like most of the free porn sites it has a model which promotes pay sites in order to make money so its policy is to cut down on expenses (which means bandwidth) and increase earnings (which means it features as many video clips as possible).

The clips on the site are streamed only with no download but you can at least rate them on their quality or appeal of their content. By necessity they are streamed from the sites they are hosted on which makes the site a little slow to load. The variety is good but there is a degree of gonzo porn appeal which, after a while, begins to make each clip the same.

User Experience

Relatively slow site with a good variety in content. The navigation is pretty straightforward and has the familiar free video porn site rating system. There is a search function on the site and you can browse through the content pretty quickly but except for a little gonzo shock value there is not a great deal here that will keep you on the site for long.

Site Detail

Price: Free.

Videos: Video links on this site lead to others. About 1000 clips updated regularly.

Pictures: No pictures.

Features: Good search function.

Content Sources: The content is all industry-generated.


(+) Free porn

(+) Fast search

(-) No downloads

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