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Jerk Off Pics starts off as everyone’s dream internet porn site. Mouth-watering pics and the kind of quality content you expect TGP sites such as Young Leafs Porn or El Ladies to have, it’s not long however before the internet course of TGPs strikes again and you find yourself clicking on the picture of a luscious babe you’re dying to see getting done only to find yourself facing yet another TGP and the prospect of hunting through hundreds of thumbnails looking for the one that caught your interest in the first place.

Had TGP sites had the foresight to invest in the same kind of honesty this site puts in its title then the whole concept of free internet porn would have been that much better and much more successful.

As it is Jerk Off Pics stakes a halfway ground where it offers some real quality content and excellent high quality pics with the inevitable linking to yet another TGP.

Site Detail

Price: FREE

Terms: Free membership

Content: Videos and photographs with some really excellent high quality pics


(+) Luscious thumbnails, excellently done

(+) Looks great and leads to some really high quality pics

(-) Inevitably some links lead to just other TGPs.

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Online Reviews

"Jerk Off Pics is where I head when I want to erm…well, jerk off. The site offers some really high quality material from the net’s top sex and porn models. It has beenone of my favourites for over a year and it just keeps getting better. Some of the links lead to other thumbnail sites but that’s the way of the world and for quality free porn that rocks my world I am prepared to put up with a lot worse." -- Adult Reviews (4/5 - #1 Overall)

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Rawjack - I'm not a fan of this site, way to easy to get lost in the endless links. click on one gallery takes you to another gallery which takes you to another.... I prefer sites that have all of their content contained on their own site.