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Young Leafs Porn begins with the self-proclaimed assertion: “Want to enjoy some really, really good free porn, all in one place, totally free, only high quality and arranged in a handful of categories? is the perfect place for you, because this is the ultimate collection of smoking hardcore porn, made up by dedicated public sex fans, just like you! None young pussy escapes from here without being banged to the very limits of what she could take, so get ready for tones of latest and freshest young models daily.”

So far, so good. This sets the site as the direct opposite to El Ladies and, let’s face it, everyone likes young porn. But from this august beginning things begin to go downhill very quickly. The site does have thumbnails and they do look like they lead to young porn and, admittedly, some do. Others though lead to Milf galleries which have used one young model as an enticement and others still are little more than ‘click bait’ to take the viewer to yet more TGPs all of which begins to get pretty annoying after a while.

As manuals on what mistakes to avoid when you set up your own TGP El Ladies and Young Leafs are the perfect sites to study.

Site Detail

Price: FREE

Terms: Free membership

Content: Videos and photographs


(+) Usual range of content

(+) Focus on younger women

(-) Links to other TGPs more times than necessary

Online Reviews

"Young Leafs would have been my favourite porn site full of young pussy getting done as it promises had it not been for too many thumbnails leading to other TGPs which in turn lead to others and by the time I found a decent clip to jack off to I had totally lost the urge and was thinking about all those household chores that needed doing, instead." -- Adult Reviews (2/5 - #5 Overall)

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