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El Ladies is TGP site with a great idea but which commits a cardinal sin. The idea first: a site devoted to older women and older women’s sites organised as a TGP and offering daily updated thumbnail galleries.

The sin? Well, if you are going to put up a TGP site you need to understand that in the age of plenty, free, internet porn what drives male visitors, even ones who suddenly find themselves in a desperate need is strong visual appeal.

El Ladies commits the cardinal sin of utilizing a script that does not maintain the natural proportions of the thumbnails dropped into the site with the result that they are squashed out of proportion to fit into the pre-ordained thumbnail display size.

This is not the place to discuss web technicalities which only helps highlight more how getting a technical detail like this wrong spoils the entire viewer experience and sends the message that if no attention has been given to something as obvious as this what else have they paid no attention to?

Site Detail

Price: FREE

Terms: Free membership

Content: Videos and photographs


(+) Usual range of content

(+) Focus on older women

(-) Distorted thumbs on the homepage

Online Reviews

"El Ladies is usual in a crowded field struggling to catch the attention of users who are now spoiled for choice. I did not find the content strong enough to keep me coming back and the squashed thumbs on the homepage are a little off-putting." -- Adult Reviews (2/5 - #5 Overall)

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