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Pic Hunter is what it says it is. It allows you to browse through porn site links and free porn site content in a hybrid model of text link site and TGP. It claims to be one of the biggest porn sites on the planet. Take this with a pinch of salt and it is still fairly impressive.

It has a site review section and a community section plus a Blog. The site owners understand what makes a porn website work well and they are certainly trying. If there is anything working against them it has to be the fact that there are simply so many different porn sites out there and an ever increasing number of amateurs competing for the attention of a relatively finite number of porn consumers.

The jury is, obviously, still out on that one but why not make up your own mind about it and pay a visit to the site?

Site Detail

Price: FREE

Terms: Free membership

Content: Videos and photographs


(+) A good range of content

(+) Easy to use

(+) Easy to navigate

(-) Not enough to prevent boredom from setting in perhaps

Additional Background

Pic Hunter is yet another TGP/text link hybrid using the online advertising model to survive. Without a doubt online ad revenue is increasing but in the porn ad business the options and choices are somewhat more limited.

Online Reviews

"Pic Hunter should have been called Porn Hunter and you would have got a winner in the naming stakes. Ok, quibbles aside this is a site I visit at least once a week to check out the content." -- The Resources (3/5 - #3 Overall)

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