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Official Site - Persian Kitty

Persian Kitty has the distinct advantage over any other TGP in that it has an incredibly memorable name which it uses well in its purr- variations (such as purrfect video). As thumbnail gallery porn sites go Persian Kitty has evolved to reduce the thumbnails to the bare minimum (because they take up space and probably bandwidth) and focuses instead on advertising, paid content and an incredible number of text links which get updated daily.

While the site’s design is good enough to keep you there, the fact that it has grown willy-nilly is evident in the vertical scroll which takes you all the way down a very long page, where at the bottom you see a link to a regular TGP.

Is a name alone enough to win a war? Porn has to fight hard to succeed on the internet. Persian Kitty certainly is no feline pushover and in terms of attracting traffic and serving content it has to be up there with the best of any site.

Site Detail

Format: Text links and online videos

Terms: Free porn and usual text links

Photographs: Thousands of photographs

Videos: Thousands of videos


(+) A mix between TGP and text link site plus paid advertising for porn sites

(+) Great design

(-) Messy organisation

(-) The navigation is not great

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Online Reviews

"It is only after you lose yourself in the Persian Kitty site looking at free porn and exploring thousands of links to thousands of other porn websites that you begin to realize that when it comes to serving content this kitty is no pussy, though it features hundreds of thousands of them." -- Adult Reviews

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