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How to Have Anal Sex

Perhaps you are curious about anal sex. Anal sex is the practice of inserting a penis or dildo into the anus. Anal sex is practiced by both heterosexual and homosexual couples. When performed correctly, anal sex can be among the most intimate and pleasurable acts between two people. With a bit of patience, trust, and lube, you can learn to have amazing anal sex.

Why Anal?

  • It's tighter and warmer, providing more sensation to the penis.
  • The rectum shares a wall with the vagina in women and the prostate in men, allowing for intense stimulation, and in some individuals, anal orgasms.
  • Due to its taboo nature, it can provide erotic feelings of dominance and submission, although anal sex is not necessarily about dominance or degradation.
  • Some heterosexuals practice anal sex to avoid pregnancy; however, it is best to wear a condom while having anal sex anyway.


Anal sex is a particularly risky sexual practice, and care must be taken to avoid infection or injury. The rectum plays host to a wide assortment of bacteria that can be harmful if introduced into the mouth, vagina, or urethra. While porn stars may frequently go ass-to-mouth or ass-to-pussy, this is not recommended.

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