Have Sex in the Leapfrog Position

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The leapfrog position is similar to the doggy style position but with a slight twist and added benefits. Instead of the submissive person being on "all fours," he or she lowers the upper torso. He or she can either keep the rear end up with knees slightly locked to create a 45 degree angle or he/she may lower the entire body, causing the partner to also need to squat more. In the more angled position, it will often times cause the urge to slide the legs back some, creating a look similar to that of a frog jumping (hence the name, although some compare it to the child-like game of "leapfrog," also, because it looks like the person in the back is getting ready to jump over the one in front).

Advantages and Disadvantages


Because this position can be done either with the front person's legs between the others, or on the outside, there are different advantages/disadvantages depending on the variation. If the front person's legs are on the inside, it creates a smaller, tighter entrance and if they're on the outside, it opens it up some and may feel looser, but it allows for deeper penetration. Regardless, the different angle can create new sensations for both partners.

It is sometimes relieving for the front partner to somewhat relax, laying his/her head on a pillow or on crossed arms, but this can also sometimes restrict the breathing, so caution should be taken.

As with doggy style position, this position allows for easy access for manual stimulation of the front person's genitals. It may create the feeling of domination and control, too, and allow for direct spanking or fondling without the reciprocation of the partner.

It is especially beneficial to pregnant women, too, as it takes the stress off the belly, and in the more kneeling variation, it can prevent pain from hard thrusting.