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A vibrator is a device used to stimulate the user sexually through quick and consistent vibration. The device is primarily used for female masturbation, but can also be used by males, and can also be used to enhance the love making of couples.

Rules of Vibrator Usage

  • Do Whatever Feels the Best.
  • Only use for its intended purpose. Do not use regular vibrators in the anus.
  • Keep it clean. Watch out, as not all are water-proof.
  • Clean your toys after every use, using cleaners designed specifically for this purpose.

The Different Kinds of Vibrators and How They Are Used

Most people don't know how many different kinds of vibrators there are, or how they can be used to enhance their sexual experience. Here are a few examples of the most popular ones and how they are commonly used:

External Wand Type Vibrators

These are by far the most common type of vibrators. They are made to be hand held and used on the outside of the body (non-inserted). Usually the vibrating head of the wand is pressed against the clitoris for stimulation. The proper speed of vibration combined with the right amount of pressure applied can usually bring a woman orgasm or even multiple orgasms.

Clitoral Vibrators

This type of vibrator is a wearable variation of the wand type vibrator. It is a vibrating device that is strapped onto the body and worn over the clitoris. These can also be referred to as "hands-free" vibrators. They only cover the clitoris, and since they are hands free they are often used in conjunction with other vibrators or even use a dildo for penetration and simulated intercourse.

Cylindrical Vibrators

These vibrators are cylindrical in shape and are specifically designed for penetration. They can also be used for external stimulation of the clitoris. Using lube such as Astroglide can greatly enhance the experience. Be sure to try different depths and plunging techniques.

Bullet Vibrators

Also known as "Egg" vibrators, these are inserted into the vagina and then turned on by an external remote. Some even have wireless external remotes that could be used by partners. It is not recommended that these are used anally, as they may become temporarily irretrievable in your colon.

G-Spot Vibrators

G-Spot vibrators are curved and when inserted they will stimulate the "G-Spot". Finding the G-Spot is fairly easy, but some females prefer clitoral stimulation over the G-Spot. Your choice will depend on the pleasure it gives to your partner. It would be best to try each of them out on your partner, to determine which one gives the most satisfaction. Perhaps you can take turns using both of them, for a more exciting feel and enjoyment of the sex act. Playing and foreplay should be interesting, varied, and stimulating. Keep it going as long as you both can, before actual intercourse. Once you both reach the climax, the fun part is over.....

Rabbit(Dual) Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are vibrators intended for both vaginal and clitoral stimulation. They are shaped like a regular penetrating vibrator with an attachment which usually has separate controls and is often shaped like an animal, generally a rabbit. Although There are other extensions and not all of them are even animals, the category is still consider rabbit vibrators. With these vibrators you can stimulate both your vagina (G-spot) and clitoris with a variety of power modes and settings which vary from one vibrator to the next. Some feature rotating shafts and "beads" for maximized pleasure. You can generally use either the vibrators individually or simultaneous and the power controls are separate for each.

Anal Vibrator

Anal vibrators are designed specifically to fit into the anus but not without lube. Anal Probes now come with a Neon Glow Feature! Be sure to lube yourself up first with a water based lubricant such as Astroglide. If you are not experienced with anal play, you may want to try using a butt plug instead, so that your anus gets used to being stimulated. These vibrators are usually worked in and out of the anus slowly while vibrating for stimulation. As an important side note, DO NOT use a 'dirty' anal vibrator vaginally or you may cause infection. Be sure to keep your anal vibrator clean.

You're all Set

Now that you've got your type of vibrator you're all set to embark into a fun and exciting world of increased sexual pleasure. Just remember, use your vibrator in whatever manner feels the best!

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