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Official Site - SexTheNet

SexTheNet is a free porn site which has patently failed to learn the lessons about success on the net for free porn sites requiring more than just a clever pun on words. The website’s organization leaves much to be desired with poor design, little thought going to lay out and no real Web 2.0 features to speak of.

At a time when the net is filling up with free porn sites looking to make money from the ever growing online population looking for free porn, free porn sites need to work exceedingly hard in order to attract traffic and find ways to successfully monetize the number of people they do manage to attract.

This usually means building successful communities like Newsfilter or PornoTube with a strong vertical marketing model and a means of making those who visit the sites feel special. The latter is a vital element for a successful online experience, even more so when it comes to surfing for porn where the amount of readily available material is so great that uniqueness and individuality have become the coin of the realm rather than mere content.

SexTheNet is big on content, albeit of the standard variety, and sparse on uniqueness.

User Experience

Apart from the clever domain I got to a site which gave me pretty much the same types of videos I get on other sites. Standard navigation, no high-resolution clips or photographs. Some videos are streamed on the site others take you to other sites some of which include free porn sites which contain equally short, bad quality clips which is frustrating. There is a slightly redeeming feature of being able to email a clip to a friend and customize it so that it appears like it came from your email directly, apart from that this is an average run-of-the-mill site.

Site Detail

Price: Free.

Videos: Video is streamed. Over 1000 videos.

Pictures: No pictures.

Features: Hardcore video content, standard free porn site features.

Content Sources: The content is industry generated.


(+) Free porn

(-) bad organization

(-) No photography

(-) No high resolution videos

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