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Official Site - HumornSex

HumornSex is a free porn site which just like Fuckaroo fails to live up to its namesake, though in this case it is a tragedy because mixing humor and sex might be a way to actually create a unique enough blend in the porn site genre (if websites can be described like that) to actually make a difference.

As it happens the website never even approaches the first part of its domain name, choosing instead to focus squarely on the second, which, given the usually literal approach to domain description most porn sites have, the original content model was either forgotten or else was implemented and for some reason did not pan out. The result is a slightly imbalanced feel which takes some getting used to. Having said that HumornSex have actually put some money in their website creating a pleasing design and a place where videos are streamed on the site rather than take you to the host site to view them. Unusual for the general free porn site model you can also download each video and view it at leisure.

The content is varied enough to keep attention and there are some very interesting links in terms of adverts on the site and not all of them lead to porn pay sites.

User Experience

Straightforward navigational experience, nice search and visual links to many videos. Videos can be downloaded as well as streamed on the site though the quality is, as always in this day of high-definition video, very poor. There is no humor on the site in any shape or firm which is a shame as we approached this site looking for a good mix based on the title description.

Site Detail

Price: Free.

Videos: Video is streamed but can be downloaded. Over 1000 updated frequently.

Pictures: Some good pictures on links but you do have to hunt for them.

Features: Good search function.

Content Sources: The content is all industry-generated and paid ad-driven.


(+) Free porn

(+) Fast search

(+) Downloadable videos

(-) Videos have poor quality

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