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Official Site - As Red As

As Red As is another free porn site on a web groaning under the weight of free porn sites and trying to differentiate itself, unsuccessfully from the hundreds of free porn sites out there. The model is the same as you have encountered before. There are the ubiquitous snippets of porn videos which are little more than advertisements 9and there is a good mix of soft and hardcore porn here), mixed with some amateurs and a lot of paying sites’ snippets.

So why is it so bad? This is where the thinking porn connoisseur realizes that porn, in order to work, has to be a seamless experience where the frustration you feel to relieve has everything to do with your sex drive and nothing to do with the workings of the site. On As Red As it is the other way around.

The layout is not great, there are far too many adverts as they are struggling to find a way to successfully monetize the site, you come across quite a few broken links and the Most Viewed Gallery and other navigation links on the main pane pop up in a separate browser window. While this may be ok where advertisers’ sites are concerned (as a matter of fact it is recommended) when it comes to the main site it is not really a good idea. You want, as a visitor, to be able to spend time, look around and use the back button on your browser rather than have 30 pages open on your desktop threatening to crash your IE every five seconds.

Then there is the content. Accepted that the site here is at the mercy of those who submit to it, but it always makes sense to organize it in a way that allows visitors to either smile, or feel horny, or both. Here the mix works against each other and by the time you work out the navigation the only desire you feel is to close the browser and navigate away.

User Experience

An unfortunate site that could have been much better with a little thought and time spent creating better navigation and site organization. In terms of user experience, while this has all the hallmarks of a community on the make it fails simply because the tools you have to make it work, manage to work against you.

Site Detail

Price: Free

Videos: Over 1500 episodes about 2 -3 minutes each (stream), mostly girl masturbation and lesbian

Pictures: Over 2000 photo galleries about 16-20 each

Features: Search, RSS Feeds, Upload, Favorites,

Content Sources: The content is all industry-generated


(+) Free contents

(+) High quality photo galleries

(+) Simple navigation

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