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Official Site - TeenieFiles

TeenieFiles as the name suggests is another aggregator porn site or TGP with a difference, the difference being that it focuses on Teens which makes, perhaps, its decision to also include sites with more mature content such as Milf Hunter a little puzzling and certainly misleading.

This quibble aside its thumbs do focus on the younger of the models featured on each site and each one leads, usually, to quite a good clip with content being accurately displayed.

There is a certain sameness of navigation and content and the inevitable boredom factor soon sets in.

Site Detail

Format: Interactive thumbnails

Terms: Click and sample

Photographs: a few hundreds of photographs, none of high resolution

Videos: over 1500 video clips


(+) good quality of choice

(+) Visually appealing site

(-) Some thumbs lead to other thumbnail galleries

Online Reviews

"TGP’s keep growing all over the net and TeenieFiles is the perfect example of a site that caters to a certain taste in porn." -- Mr Bellaco

User Reviews

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