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Official Site - MilfHunter

MilfHunter is a Nasty Dollars Network site starring Canadian born porn star Shawn Rees (also popularly know as Shawn Hunter). Rees, apparently, conceived the idea in 2002 to capitalize on the American Pie-popularised term MILF standing for Mother I’d Like to Fuck while working on as well as in CumFiesta.

MILF Hunter pioneered the storyline technique of a guy on the hunt looking for mature mothers he is going to talk into having sex with him. The ‘mothers’ in question are all porn actresses, some specializing in MILF porn and some of them, like Ava Devine, made their internet porn debute there.

Shawn Rees is the director of Nasty Dollars and an instantly recognizable figure amongst porn connoisseurs as the star in many of Nasty Dollars Networks more than 30 pornsites.

The scripted scenario takes about a third of each episode. There is the usual gonzo banter between Shawn and the model and Shawn and the cameraman. Shawn often talks to the camera as he works. Each episode has the same format. It is about 45 minutes long and is accompanied by up to 300 photographs.

Despite the sameness, the formula has a sense of freshness about it which its many imitators have been unable to copy. Membership of the site gives you access to 17 others in the Nasty Dollars network. Updates are carried out weekly.

Site Detail

Price: $24.95 per month or $49.95 for three months.

Terms: Memberships automatically renew at agreed times.

Processor: CCBill

Videos: There are over 265 videoshoots to choose from with no daily download limit.

Photographs: With more than 270 special photosets each made up of 260+ pictures you will not be bored.


(+) A truly original site that maintains a sense of freshness despite the formulaic approach

(+) Updated regularly. Not everyday, but consistent.

(+) Large selection of girls plus many newcomers.

(+) Zipped photsets and no DRM on video.

(+) Membership gives you access to many other sites of the network.

(-) No high resolution photos or video.

(-) After a while you begin to see the sameness of the format.

Actors Employed

Other Websites

Online Reviews

“Once upon a time MilfHunter was just a huge hit, like TV's "The Bachelor," or "Survivor," but with lots of hardcore sex. Now it's the mother of all milf sites (pun), becoming the most popular, and controversial, porn network on the web. It's really an industry, more akin to WWF, than a simple porn site. And like pro wrestling, viewers continue to argue about what is real and what if made up.” (Read the full review here.) - Sir Rodney

“Mature women have always been my favorites. I’ve been asking myself why and came up with several reasons: the greater experience they possess, their wrinkled skin, the combined radiation of motherly warmth and the dirtiness of a slut.…” - (Rabbits Reviews.)- Rabbit’s Reviews (87/100)

“It's a rare man who has a real appreciation for vintage stuff: cars, wine, knickknacks, women. It's also uncommon for a guy to enjoy something so much he'd make a sport out of getting more of it, as with fishing, biking, and hunting...women. It doesn't necessarily entail deep pockets, these activities, especially the last one.

"Take the MilfHunter, for instance. Now there's a regular dude if you see one. Beerbellied, redfaced and with a receding hairline, he hardly qualifies as any hot momma's dream dilettante lover, but based on the tour page trailer videos, he's quite the cocksman..” - Porn Savvy

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