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Official Site - Mr Skin

Mr Skin asks you to imagine what it would be like if your entire career move in life was devoted to viewing all the mainstream films that came out and fast-forwarded to the juicy bits which you then watched in freeze-frame mode.

If this is your fantasy and you have always wanted to find out what that particularly juicy-looking actress whose nipples you glimpsed in some non-adult film has done since and what she would look like in blown-up freeze-frame still, then this is the site for you.

Perfect for the voyeur in all of us Mr Skin features some 20,000 movies, 10,000 TV shows and over 15,000 actresses who range from the obscure to the very famous in an unshamed celebration of celebrity female nudity.

Mr Skin has made a name for himself and his site by appearing in more than 500 radio shows a year to talk about his idea, discuss if it is an obsession, give his opinion about celebrity nudity and generally air his opinions on the female sexuality. He has his own MySpace site and he has even brought out Mr. Skin's Skincyclopedia: The A-to-Z Guide to Finding Your Favorite Actresses Naked.

Site Detail

Price: $4.95 e-day trial and $29.95 per month.

Terms: Memberships automatically renew at agreed times.

Processor: Paycom

Videos: There are over 100,000 clips to choose from with no daily download limit.

Photographs: With more than 175,000 photographs and an ever growing library this is a site you won’t exhaust any time soon.


(+) A site that does exactly what it says it will do.

(+) Updated regularly. Sometimes every day.

(+) A huge library of famous and not so famous actresses.

(-) No high resolution photos or video. You are constrained by the film capture technology employed.

(-) No hardcore.

Other Websites

No other sites.

Online Reviews

“Mr. Skin and his team of "skinvestigators" view all non-adult titles for their nudity content and rates them on their "skintensity." The celluloid skin expert is also known for his Anatomy Awards, which honored Anne Hathaway for 2005's best nude scene in her straight-to-DVD film "Havoc." - Zap2it

“But now, for those who prefer a more cost-effective, time-managed approach to salacious celeb sex scenes, we have Mr.,— the place for nude celebrity movie reviews and scenes online. Instead of shelling out hundreds a month and the man-hours to match to hunt down those tantalizing sex scenes of yore, for a mere $29.95 a month you can not only do a site search for whomever might strike your fancy, but view the juicy fruits of your search from the comfort of your plushy computer chair.” - Blog Critics

"Mr Skin is a guy who has collected nude scenes from PG and R-rated movies for years. It is something we have all thought about doing, but have never done. Now we don't have to, because this guy has made his collection available to us. This site has been mentioned everywhere from major Hollywood movies to news broadcasts and considering its huge database and easy-to-use design, its fame is well earned. The hottest place to be in Hollywood isn't at a premiere, but at Mr Skin - with all the star's smuttiest scenes” (Rabbits Reviews.)- --Rabbits Reviews (88/100)

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