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Rabbit's Reviews
Type:Porn Review Site

RabbitsReviews is a review site that was first launched in 2003 to review Internet pornography. The site was founded to provide transparency for online adult entertainment purchases. Until the site began taking off, the site was run as a home-based business, but in 2005, the company acquired an office and has since expanded the office space to accommodate the growing company.

Over the years, RabbitsReviews has become the most visited porn review site. It uses nine published criteria to rank paysites according to their corresponding niche market. The site currently employs around 30 individuals in their Montreal office, all of whom are involved in the day-to-day tasks required to review new sites as they launch, as well as updating the existing reviews.[1]

As of 2017, Rabbits Reviews is still considered the most popular adult review site.

Traffic Stats For RabbitsReviews

RabbitsReviews is the most popular porn review site online with an Alexa Traffic Rank of 75.733 on Alexa.com[2] as of November 11, 2017. (For the Alexa Traffic Rank, the lower the score, the more visitors the site is supposed to receive.)

History of RabbitsReviews

Origin of the name

When choosing the domain name, the company wanted something that would be easy to brand, with a catchy and iconic name. Rabbits have an association to the adult industry, so RabbitsReviews was chosen.

History of the Site

While the number of employees and their office has expanded, so too have the offerings that RabbitsReviews has for users. When it first launched, there were 30 niche categories represented, including 18-23, Babes, Breasts, Cheerleader, Fetish, Hardcore Pornography, Individual Models, Lesbian porn, Mega Site, Pornstar and Voyeur.[3] Now there are 50+, including a separate section for gay reviews. Over the years, many categories have been added to account for changes in the adult industry, like VR and Casting. Some others like Cartoons, have merely been renamed from its earlier designation of Toons.

In addition to offering more niches, the company has added other services to the site. In 2005, they expanded from featuring only porn reviews to include a porn blog called The Hareald. In 2006, they released an online search engine that allows users to filter their search results by scores, picture sizes and movie formats, among other criteria.

On June 26, 2008, they reviewed their 5,000th site. The review was for the site Porn Pros Network.

Current Features on RabbitsReviews

Each of the paysites reviewed by RabbitsReviews gets a ranking out of 100 points, which are divided among nine criteria: image quality, content amount, exclusivity, value, usability (based on 10 criteria), update frequency, bonus content, downloads & streams, and features (based on 5 criteria).[4] Sites lose points for excessive advertising, premium pay links, pop-up advertising, poor customer service and digital rights management (DRM) protection

Since the initial launch of RabbitsReviews, there have been many changes to the site and its offerings. They have expanded the number of porn categories, including gay subcategories, including a gay sites section, as well as Bisexual, Celebrity, Creampies, Live Cam, Non nude, Pay Per View and Spanking. Moreover, the site has gone through many site designs over the years[3] - the latest of which is responsive, optimized for both computers and mobile devices. Keeping up with changes in both the porn industry and the Internet community have helped RabbitsReviews grow into a leader in its field, despite working in a competitive niche.

The Rabbit's Porn Blog now discusses all their niche content as well as publish exclusive photos and erotic stories in addition to the earlier offerings. The exclusive photos take the form of "fan signs" - photos taken with a model wearing a Rabbit's tank top or holding a sign that says RabbitsReviews. Some of these photos are accompanied by an interview with the model.

New sections have been added to the site since it was first launched, such as exclusive deals, porn trials and user top rated pages. Clicking on the "specials" link on RabbitsReviews gives users access to discounted pricing for certain sites.[5] Users can see all the sites offering a special or can filter by the category to see which sites from that category have a special.

The RabbitsReviews "porn trials" page lists which sites offer cheaper memberships for a limited amount of days, so that users can try the site out before they purchase a monthly membership.[6] Users can filter by whether a trial is limited or not (limited trials sometimes cap the amount of content you can download or have access to), by category, the maximum price they want to pay and the minimum score that the sites received on RabbitsReviews.

RabbitsReviews allows users to rank and leave comments about reviews.[7] Users can see the rankings for all categories or filter by category, minimum number of votes and minimum score. They can also see whether the score has recently changed (up or down), as well as how many votes and comments the site has received. Users can also click the link on the total number of comments in order to read all of them before deciding to purchase a membership. By default, this page is sorted by date, so users can see the most recent and therefore most relevant comments first.

RabbitsReviews' users can also become a member of the site by creating a free user profile. Members who sign into the site can add new sites of interest to their profile. They can use this section to monitor price change and to see when an existing review has been updated. In addition, those who want to keep their porn memberships private on a shared computer can save links to these sites in their password-protected account.

RabbitsReviews Big Boob Model Index

On May 26, 2010, AVN.com announced that RabbitsReviews released a model index, featuring mostly big boob models. According to the article, this section allows users to seek girls they know and those that fit their specific tastes using the model index's advanced search features.[8]

RabbitsReviews Affiliate Program

RabbitsReviews has an affiliate marketing strategy that lets adult webmasters promote their porn reviews, called the Rabbit's Affiliate Program.[9]


RabbitsReviews has been nominated twice for the prestigious XBIZ Award - in 2005 for Best Free Site, which they won, and in 2007 for Adult Site of the Year.


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