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Official Site - In The VIP

This site is a member of the Nasty Dollars family of sites. The action all takes place is Miami and the scene is focused on a simple premise: two guys go clubbing, pick up girls, take them to the VIP Room of the club and fuck them.

The clubs are real, the girls are not. But the setting gives the opportunity to the camera to capture some real hot amateurs strutting their stuff in the club scene. There are upskirts and revealing shots and then the camera focuses on the male performers who are the same in every episode as they pick up the girls, dance with them and the fun begins.

There is always lots of bubbly round to keep up the VIP style. Once behind the scenes the sex is full on with the girls swapping partners. The videos have an air of freshness about them, the camera angles are good and the action manages to almost convince you that these are hot amateurs who are out to have a good time.

The site updates every week but there are clips posted every day. Your membership gives you full access to the entire network of Nasty sites which makes it worth it. There are no high resolution videos but the collective content is more than 100GB of original porn.

Site Detail

Price: $4.95 for 3 days (limited access), $24.95 per 30 days.

Terms: Memberships automatically recur at published rates unless cancelled

Processor: Paycom,, ElectraCash.

Videos: 200+ videos (average 300 pics each) |


(+) Good variety of videos and girls

(+) Access to the entire Nasty network makes this worthwhile

(+) A lot of fresh performers and a setting which works well.

(-) No high resolution shots or video

(-) The girls go through the same sex routine each time

(-) There is a 1GB download limit

Actors Employed

Online Reviews

"The VIP Room has taken the sense of realism to a new level with lots of sexy dancing scenes of real girls strutting their stuff before it gets down and dirty with some really hot VIP Room action." -- Sir Rodney's Guide to Erotica

"We're talking seriously nice asses and tits here, and not those acne-riddles ones that don't look appetizing especially when spotlighted. And they get hind-delivered by limos too. There's a ring of authenticity to the whole In The VIP vibe because of the presence of other non-porn-looking people wandering in and out of scenes. Over at the members area, things are sleek and user-friendly, with the predominantly black theme broken only by a riotous image banner of a modern-day orgiastic frenzy (a.k.a. the dance floor). " -- Porn Savvy

“These is plenty of VIP visits to choose from and they all seem to be of amazing chick-quality. The video footage is generally of quite good quality but some of the still pictures are a bit blurry (probably frame grabs) and some a bit idly lighted but who cares when the chicks are that hot. Furthermore when you sign up at In The VIP you get full access to 11 other sites including 8th Street latinas, MILF Hunter and Mike's Apartment plus 3 live show sites.” Adult Reviews

"In The VIP is yet another reality concept cooked up by the Nasty group. Guys go clubbing and try to pick up gals in the VIP room. Unlike some of the sad sacks you'll actually see in the club striking out, these dudes succeed and with some prime porn babes too." (Rabbits Reviews.)- Rabbit’s Reviews (84/100)

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