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Devin Deray
Devin Deray
Birthday:July 11, 1973
Astrological Sign:Cancer
Birth location:Avilla, Indiana
Years Active:1995-2005 (started at about 22 years old)
Height:5'10" (178 cm)
Weight:123 lbs. (55 kg)
Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Brunette
Alias(es):Devin DeRay, Carmen, Devin DeRey
No. of films:39 (per IAFD)
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Former porn star Devin DeRay is a multiracial goddess that had a short stint in the hardcore arena. Born on July 11th, 1973 and adopted as a baby, this Indiana native was raised on large farm in the rural area of Avilla, Indiana.

About Devin Deray

Being a farm girl, Devin grew a fond appreciation for all animals. She became a passionate equestrian, and is still a leading pro-am dressage rider.

Even on the farm there was no escape from being a diva for this beauty. Devin dreamt of the time when she would be able to dress up in gowns, and high heels.

With a childhood of activities like climbing trees, ballet, and playing with the animals Devin grew into a slim and toned beauty. At the age of 19, this already stunning lady got her breasts enlarged to their current mammoth proportions of 41DD. She still boasts her incredible 21” waist on this curvy 5’9” frame.

This vixen became a model that was heavily published in men’s magazines around the country. She left Indiana to further her career in the modeling capital, Los Angeles. This drastic change turned out to be too much for this smoking hot beauty. She found herself in a dysfunctional relationship with an NBA star, and developed a prescription drug problem.

She ended up jumping into the sex business to pay for her drug problem. This hardcore lusty bunny had an erratic hardcore career that began in 1995. She appeared in a number of films during the mid to late 90’s, before cutting back heavily on the quantity of titles she performs in. She has also taken up a lucrative career as an exotic dancer, putting her ballet training she received as a little girl to good use.

Finally when drugs were no longer in the picture, Devin returned to her farm girl roots and became an active participant in some animal rescue organizations. Since then she has been concentrating on helping animals and forgiving herself for her past mistakes.

Still making the occasional film appearances and touring the country as a feature stripper, Devin’s hot body can still be seen in all of its glory on stage or screen. Fans of dark skinned sex kittens should definitely look for titles starring this luscious sex bomb.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Devin DeRay had a knack for spontaneous chatter. In one notable scene, from "Big Boobs In Buttsville", the vibe goes beyond the fake reality show of Seymore Butts' usual work, as Devin and Tom Byron do a scene that is at the same time dysfunctional and hot. Present day ebony amazon, Nyomi Banxx resembles Devin DeRay's vibe.

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