Bobbi Starr

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Bobbi Starr
Bobbi Starr
Birthday:April 6, 1983
Astrological Sign:Aries
Birth location:Santa Clara, California
Years Active:2006-present
Height:5 feet, 8 inches (1.72 m)
Weight:129 lbs. (58 kg)
Eye color:Green
Hair color:Brown
Skin color:White
Natural bust:Yes
Pubic hair:Yes
Tattoos:Circle (moon) with night fairie lower back; Nautical Star right arm
Ethnicity:Caucasian (Italian & Hungarian)
Alias(es):Bobbie Star, Bobbie Starr, Bobby Starr, Bobbi, Bobbi Star
No. of films:596 as actress, 14 as director (per IAFD)
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Bobbi Starr (born April 6, 1983) is an American pornographic actress.


Starr comes from a family that is half Italian and half Hungarian. Starr was brought up in an evangelical Christian church, where her mother was very involved in the church choir and drama programs, involving all of her children as well. Starr went on to attend music school and plays the piano and oboe.

She started her pornography career at the age of 23. She met someone who introduced her to the adult industry in San Francisco, California, but it took a year before she decided to enter the industry. Her initial works were bondage and submission scenes for internet based companies. She then transitioned to shooting various types of scenes for production companies in Los Angeles, California. She has appeared as the box-cover model for many movies by companies such as Red Light District Video and Combat Zone.

Starr was a finalist for the reality show, America's Next Hot Porn Star. The show is set up similar to America's Next Top Model.

As of 2008, Starr is a student studying pre-med, with the aim of becoming a gynaecologist. Her intent is to work within the adult entertainment industry, where she has identified a lack of female gynaecologists.

Strengths & Weaknesses


Bobbi Starr is a tall, sexy girl. Her face is pretty. Her smile for the horny guys is sincere. Her tits are well-shaped and natural. And her ass, her big, sexy ass is liable to stiffen your cock like a rock and make an assman out of you.

Sex Action


Bobbi Starr displays real skill, when she goes after cocks to make them like rocks with her mouth, deep throat, and hands. Every guy's cock she welcomes with a wide open mouth. And many horny guys coming like flies from every direction at Bobbi Starr don't intimidate her. Her mouth and hands become like a blur. Every guy she grabs, every guy she sucks, and at every guy she smiles to encourage him to fuck.

Bobbi Starr gets the chemistry going with her horny guys during her oral sex on them. And it's no surprise that these horny guys always give her such a good fuck afterwards. Bobbi Starr is pretty good at bringing out the uninhibited stud in every man. And this isn't just a physical skill. Bobbi Starr mind-fucks her men to make uninhibited studs out of them.

During her fuck with the guys, Bobbi Starr maintains the positive oral mood of her scene by sucking the hard poles coming straight out of her sex-holes. Whether it's p2m or a2m, Bobbi Starr isn't shy to smile at the horny guy and deepthroat his cock all the way to his balls.

And when the time comes to cum for Bobbi's horny guys at the end of her scene, then Bobbi Starr often welcomes some of their loads inside her mouth and straight down her throat. It's a great way to keep things clean for the other guys, who are yet to cum.

Bobbi Starr isn't just a nice ass and a pretty face. She takes good care of her horny guys from start to finish.

A good display of Bobbi Starr's oral sex talents you can watch in films such as Alone In The Dark 6, Cum-Spoiled Sluts, and Jessica Drake's Guide to Wicked Sex: Fellatio


Bobbi Starr understands well every guy's lust, after she sucks every guy fast. Every guy's cock she welcomes with open legs deep inside her pussy. And it's a rock-a-by baby for this pretty lady from the big horny guy on top of her.

Bobbi's pure pussy rides with the horny guys almost never last long. Because either her pussy-guy quickly slips his schlong from her pussy to her ass and becomes the anal-guy. Or Bobbi Starr ends up on top, pussy-riding her guy's cock, and jiggling her sexy ass-cheeks at the second horny guy in the room. Double penetration in this situation is inevitable for Bobbi Starr. She has a reputation to uphold as a popular anal queen. And Bobbi's horny guys are only too glad to help her keep it up.


Anal sex with the horny guys is the greatest strength of Bobbi Starr as a porn star. Bobbi's nice ass is a natural attraction for anally-minded horny guys. And Bobbi Starr is pretty good encouraging her horny guys to satisfy their anal lust hard and fast with their dicks between her sexy ass-cheeks.

Bobbi's anal ride with Rocco Siffredi in Rocco's Back is something to see. Rocco never holds back his cocko between the sexy ass-cheeks of a pretty lady. And Bobbi Starr is no exception, when she takes him on for the anal ride.

Double Penetration:

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Interesting Facts

  • Starr considers herself a pro-sex feminist. Even though she acknowledges that some feminists consider pornography to be degrading to women, Starr asserts, "I don't feel degraded because it is my decision. I know that if I did ever feel degraded or feel uncomfortable, all I need to do is say no and it would stop. I don't think something where women have so much control in the situation can be considered degrading towards women."


  • 2007 CAVR Starlet of the Year
  • 2008 CAVR Starlet of the Year
  • 2009 AVN Award nominations:
  • 2009 XRCO Superslut

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