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Jill Kelly
Alexa Rae
Birthday:February 1, 1971
Astrological Sign:Aquarius
Birth location:Pomona, California
Birth name:Adrianna Moore
Weight:115 lbs.
Eye color:Hazel
Hair color:Blonde
Tattoos:lips right buttock (since affair with Eric Price); outside left shoulder; lower back; inside upper arms just below pits; above inner left ankle
Alias(es):Calista Jammer, Adrian, Calista J., Calista Jay, Jill Kennedy, Jill Roberts, Seth, Seth Damian, Seth Damien
No. of films:518 (50 as director)
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Jill Kelly is the stage name used by an United States pornographic actress, director and producer.

Over the course of her 10 year career, Kelly has appeared in over 420 pornographic movies. While she is best known for her work in adult movies, she has also made appearances in mainstream Hollywood productions, including Spike Lee's He Got Game and Orgazmo.

Kelly started out as a stripper at the Deja Vu in Ontario, California, first performing at age fifteen (although she lied and said she was 18). After she broke up with her then-boyfriend, he called the club up and informed them of her true age, which prompted the club to fire her. Later, when Kelly turned 18 she returned to the club; in her words "they didn't even recognize me."

She later did live sex shows with Tiffany Million at the Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre in San Francisco, and the two took a trip to Las Vegas metropolitan area to see the AVN Awards show in 1993.

Kelly's first acting role was in the film The Roller Blade Seven. This film was directed by Donald G. Jackson and produced by Scott Shaw. This 1991 action-adventure film is still in video and cable release throughout the world. Jill Kelly went on to appear, in non-erotic roles, in several other films with Jackson and Shaw.

She met Cal Jammer in 1993 at the above-noted CES convention (who had briefly dated Tiffany Million some years prior) and married him a month later.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Jill Kelly is a hall of fame worthy icon of the modern era of erotic entertainment, on the level of Nina Hartley or Jeannie Pepper. If there is a mainstream actress she could be a fantasy girl of, it might be Jennifer Aniston. She will always be the quintessential blonde in fan's minds, and her body of work is amazing when considering that she performed with anal, and before the more misogynistic circus stunt like moves became popular.

Jill Kelly appeared on a talk show many years ago in the peak of her fame, fearlessly talking straight talk about her chosen profession, and they tried to force a conflict by having an anti porn activist also on the panel, and this woman related a story that in summary blamed porn for inciting uncontrollable lust in the men and that they then wantonly go out and attack women. This other guest said she was a victim of this in her youth: A man, (possibly a relative) was obsessed with porn and it drove him to then sexually assault her on a regular basis. Jill Kelly revealed that she too was a victim of sexual abuse at an early age, and the other woman was then eager say that proved her point about porn being evil. Jill countered by saying her later involvement in erotic entertainment acted as a form of therapy, and helped her feel good about her body and the pleasure sex can bring, along with the financial means get her life started as an independent entrepreneur. It was obvious that Jill was not doing "it all". Not every male stud of the day got to play with Ms Kelly. She weathered the usual charges that she did not cross racial lines out of bias, a charge that is tough to defend, and that forced many Caucasian performers to do a "compulsory" interracial scene to get it out of the way, rather than an IR scene that they may have accepted if the chemistry with a male performer, or the coordination of schedules, and the all important compensation deals had fallen into place in time. The circle of White male performers she worked with was very small - she was married to a man that was also a porn actor, so his sensibilities about how to "do" was probably a part of the selection process.

An remember, the porn industry is like any other - trying to cater to the whim of its biggest segment of audience, while also trying to grow new genres to expand. It's noble to be ground breaking and all inclusive, but if the product rotted on the shelves because it was not what the core money pipeline demanded, your company can quickly become a footnote in history. Black erotica didn't start to show major revenue numbers until the very late 90s into the 2000s when upstart companies like Video Team and Elegant Angel significantly raised production values and had the pay levels to attract waves of exceptionally attractive talent across all ethnic cultures. Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians benefited from this higher visibility, and though Jill Kelly was at the end of her performing days, it quickly became no big deal for ebony and ivory to hookup. It was deemed profitable, and the floodgates flung open!

Remarkably, a peer performer to Jill Kelly -Asia Carerra, was recently recalling her years on the porn set with stories about trauma that was in surprising contrast to how at ease and happy she appeared both on and off the set in her heyday. She was also one of those ambassadors of erotica entertainment. So in the end, we have to take Jill Kelly's journey at face value, unless she one day tells us differently. - posted by "A Dee Fan" July 15, 2012

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