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Official Site - Your Dirty Mind

Your Dirty Mind is a free porn video site that uses Oscar Wilde’s famous saying as it’s starting off point to explain its domain name. From this you understand that Your Dirty Mind has chosen the third of three options available to online free porn models and has become a sex Blog.

Blogs are great precisely because they are irreverent, very Web 2.0 and can provide a web-expanding experience as well as a mind-expanding one utilizing a wide range of links to other sites as well as opening up the options for commenting on content, trends and attitudes.

Sites such as Pure Beauty Blog have capitalized on the trend utilizing Web 2.0 marketing strategies in order to increase their audience and influence and the reach of their content.

The blurring of the lines between traditional web media and user-interactive material is leading towards a culture where porn is becoming seamlessly intertwined with the online experience.

User Experience

A great feel from a site that’s trendy. The content is cool though not yet incredibly varied. There were some pictures which were higher definition that usual and the fact that I could rate the videos really made it. Clips are the normal low-rez quality you see on just about every free porn site out there but there are some good quality photosets and this helps set the site above the rest. The user-interactivity is Blog-standard so it’s great and the content is good enough to keep you coming back to check what’s new.

Site Detail

Price: Free.

Videos: Over 2000.

Pictures: Over 3000.

Features: Easy to navigate.

Content Sources: Industry generated.


(+) Free porn

(+) good organization

(+) Good photographic content

(-) No high resolution videos

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