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Sometimes you need to start a new article for WikiPorno -- for example, a new site. This help page tells you how to do it.

Do you know something we don't?

The answer to that question is yes I am sure. If it is and you enjoy this site, then why not make it even better by sharing what you know with the rest of the world. Hell, even if you don't like the site, why don't you share it. Odds are the world will be better if people know how to do what you know. Do you know a really good position? Do you know a lot about a certain type of Dildo? Whatever you know, we want you to share it with us. Even if you don't know a lot about it, sometimes all it takes is a start to get the ball rolling.

Alright, you convinced me, where do I start?

To begin writing an article, the first thing you need to do is run a quick search and make sure that nothing already exists on the subject you want to write about. We don't want 12 articles, each saying the same, or slightly different things on the missionary position or how to give a good blow job. If an article already exists and you can add something to it, then edit it. If not, then you can create the article you want to write.

The frustrating thing for most people is that our software does not have a "Start new page" command anywhere on the screen. This is actually by design, not a mistake. The theory is that new pages should be linked from older pages, and be part of the cohesive whole of the WikiPorno site, not isolated and on their own.

Creating a link

The only way to start a new page, then, is to create a link to that page, and then follow that link to edit the page. We prefer that you start at the Main Page and browse around (use the "more..." links), or use the search functionality, to find a related topic. For example, if you're going to write about a city, you might search for the guide for the country or province where that city is, and make your link there.

If there's really just nothing related, you can put the new link on your user page, or on a subpage. If you don't have a user page, try the graffiti wall.

To create a new link using Wiki markup, type the title of the new page -- preferably conforming to our article naming conventions -- somewhere on the screen, placing it between double brackets, [[Like this]]. This will create a link to a new blank page with the title you specified between the brackets.

Remember to start new pages in the correct namespace. Generally this means that pages about using or contributing to WikiPorno -- like help pages, policies and guidelines, article templates, and articles explaining the project -- should go in the WikiPorno: namespace. You just need to make the link have WikiPorno: at the beginning, [[WikiPorno:Like this]].

Creating your new page

Click the red link you created and you will be brought to an editing screen. Type the article in the big box. If you want to try your hand at formatting, read our Formating Tips page to learn how to do it. Those already familiar with the MediaWiki system from places like WannaWiki and Wikipedia will see that we use the same formating conventions.

If you want to add images read how.

Something is better than nothing

Don't feel like you have to cover your entire subject in one go. It's OK to just get started with an outline for the article -- you should start with the appropriate article template, and add choice information as you go.

If you make a stub to start the article, other people will follow your lead and add more information. Something is better than nothing, so plunge forward and start that page!

Be part of a growing community

If you don't add articles, who will? This is your opportunity to become part of a growing internet community. Share what you know, write as many quality articles as you can and be sure to login so we know who you are. Who knows, if we see good work from you, maybe we'll make you an admin.

Happy Writing!