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[][1] is a private site that went online in June 2008.

Since its inception, the site’s popularity has risen in a steady pace.

The site’s main header reads: “Your sure road to immediate sexual satisfaction starts here!”. True to this slogan, the site acts as a one-stop-shop and a portal to the world of live adult webcams [[2]]. The site has a simple and user friendly design. It is divided into several areas each offering visitors a comprehensive introduction to the field of online live sex cams.

The main page (Live Sex Cams) contains a myriad of links to live sex chat rooms. These are sorted by the five most popular categories used in the field: amateurs, teens (18+), MILFs, busty babes, Asians, and fetish.

Each category contains numerous dynamic links to the private chat rooms of webcam hostesses who are live at that time. A click on a link takes the visitor directly to a hostess’s private room which opens in a separate inner player.

The second page (Free Live Chat) offers visitors a dynamic gallery of live webcam hostesses available for free chat. Each one is represented by a jpeg image. A click on the image will take the visitor to a separate inner page containing additional personal information about the hostess, and a direct link to her private chat room. Using a simple navigation bar visitors are directed to category specific galleries.

The third page (videos) offers the visitor a treat in the form of an inner web2 player featuring category specific (using the same simple navigation bar) free porn videos [[3]].

The forth page (I’m feeling Lucky) offers visitors a fun feature allowing them to generate themselves (by pressing the “I’m feeling Lucky” button) a random page containing basic information and a direct link to a category specific live webcam hostess (using the same simple navigation bar).

The fifth page (Galleries) contains category specific (again using the same simple navigation bar) free porn galleries [[4]] of select webcam hostesses. In addition to the dynamic content pages, the site also offers concise well written texts offering a good introduction to the field of live nude webcams.