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Following his high school graduation (Manasquan, New Jersey [1987]), Wankus pursued an entertainment career that showed much promise in his teens. After a couple of years as a solo pianist in various clubs throughout New York City, Wankus took his new wife and musical act on the road to California.

It was in Santa Barbara that Wankus put the music life on hold for a career in broadcast radio. A proud host of morning radio shows in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles & New Orleans, Wankus has never dipped or leveled in any ratings book. Every show, including one nationally syndicated, has risen in popularity and wowed audiences. His work with Robert W. Morgan on K-EARTH 101 (KRTH), Los Angeles, is featured in the Museum of Television & Radio. His 'in your face' news casts on KLSX, 97.1, during The Howard Stern Show, landed him a morning show gig on B-100, (KIBB), Los Angeles.

After many good years in broadcast radio, Wankus continued his musical career, touring one year with the legendary 50's R&B group "The Platters," as well as occasional 'gigs' with members of The Gap Band, The Time and Parliament Funkadelic. Further, Wankus has written theme music for The Rikki Lake Show, The Hollywood Reporter Annual Key Art Awards program and a series of congratulatory promos/national commercials for Helen Hunt when she won her academy award. Wankus is also well known as a voice over artist from various national television and radio spots and most notably for his role as the voice of "Prowl" on the popular FOX cartoon, Transformers (Robots in Disguise).

As a LIVE host, Wankus fires up crowds and can bring life to any party. He is a regular at The Staples Center as host of half time shows with the Los Angeles Lakers & The LA Sparks, and is also a favorite as a special guest DJ, comedy host or improvisational actor in many Los Angeles Night Clubs.

The creator and former host of a naughty webcast talk show called "The Wanker Show," on KSEXradio, Wankus and his world famous Sex Talk radio station featuring radio shows hosted by porn stars. He used his popularity as an adult personality to land many various gigs as a host on scattered PPV shows, Playboy and dozens of DVDs. With the interesting life Wankus lead and the projects he created, he was frequently featured on HBO, Showtime, iNDemand and many mainstream entertainment forums. After he left KSEXradio, he helped launch RudeTV where he was the creative director and show host of a funny, in-your-face, off-color variety show.

In January of 2009, Wankus completely changed his life after a supernatural experience with GOD. He is now a souled out, on-fire Christian who has nothing to do with the adult business, in fact, he has been leading many adult stars and producers out of that business and to his church where he faithfully serves in various ministries, he is currently midway through ministry school, sings in the choir and made a brief stint as the producer of a Christian Television Show.

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