Viva Vanessa the Undresser

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Viva Vanessa the Undresser
Viva Vanessa the Undresser
Director:Henri Pachard
Runtime:80 mins.
Series:Not In Any Series
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Alternately titled: Viva Vanessa


Porn legend Vanessa del Rio opens wide for an intimate look at her life and secret fantasies!

Strengths and Weaknesses

Probing deeper than any other 'inside' film before, VIVA VANESSA! - THE UNDRESSER takes you on an intimate tour-de-force through the amazing life of porn princess Vanessa del Rio. A mixture of fantasy and reality, this film takes you on the set of an actual porno film to witness Vanessa at her smoldering best--then delves into the recreation of Vanessa's most shocking fantasies. For fans of Vanessa del Rio, this erotic epic will be a dream come true. For those few still unacquainted with one of porn's living legends, VIVA VANESSA! - THE UNDRESSER will be a delightfully devilish revelation.


Non-Sex performers:


  1. Scene 1. Vanessa del Rio, Eric Edwards
  2. Scene 2. Tiffany Clark, Eric Edwards
  3. Scene 3. Vanessa del Rio, R. Bolla
  4. Scene 4. Vanessa del Rio, Jose Duval
  5. Scene 5. Vanessa del Rio, David Scott
  6. Scene 6. Vanessa del Rio, Angelique Ricard
  7. Scene 7. Vanessa del Rio, Jerry Butler, Taliesin
  8. Scene 8. Renee Summers, Vanessa del Rio
  9. Scene 9. Renee Summers, George Payne
  10. Scene 10. Tiffany Clark, Vanessa del Rio, Eric Edwards

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