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Virtual reality porn sites (or simply VR porn sites) started popping up in 2014-2015. When the hype before the launch of Oculus and HTC Vive started, some pioneer studios started to produce porn for them. The point of virtual reality porn is that you can experience sex with people in the first person. When you put on the headset, you'll be in the same room with porn stars. You can either watch them have sex from up close, or more often, experience the illusion of having sex with them yourself. This is achieved by wearing a special 3D headset. There are both standalone devices, and VR cases that utilize the display of your smartphone.

Types of VR porn

There are virtual reality porn movies, porn games with animated 3D characters, and special live webcams that support VR viewers. This article mainly focuses on the movies.

The first subscription-based VR porn sites

The first real subscription VR porn site to our knowledge was Virtual Real Porn, in 2014. It was following by its siter sites, Virtual Real Gay and Virtual Real Trans. Another website, Virtual Porn 360 was also opened in 2015, which releases 360° VR porn movies.

180° and 360°, 2D and 3D

The various formats of VR porn movies can be confusing at first. The most important things are the angle (180° or 360°), and whether they're 2D or 3D. In general, all devices can play all types. After trying them, you'll probably end up having your own preferences, so just give them a try. Many sites give you free samples.

The Virtual Real Porn site family release 180°, 3D movies. With 180°, you can look around in front of you, but you cannot look behind your back. This is the format that most porn sites use currently. Virtual Porn 360, as its name sugests, releases 360° movies, with more freedom—however they are 2D.

While some people prefer 360° VR porn, the 180° VR porn has become the standard for now, due to the better quality in 3D.

It is possible to have both 360° and 3D, but it would be at the expense of video quality. To explain it simply, 3D requires the video to include the image two times (a slightly different version for each eye), thus halving the image resolution. 360° also takes up more image space than 180°. As the VR devices have a video resolution limit, and 3D and the image quality are more important to most VR viewers than the ability to look behind your back, 180° 3D remains the most popular VR porn format for now. As new devices with higher VR resolution get released in the future, we will probably see more 360° 3D virtual reality porn movies being released.

Supported Devices

Basically any headset is good for watching VR porn. Fans claim that the best one currently is Samsung Gear VR. Expensive, high quality non-phone standalone headsets such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are also great. But basically any headset that you can use with a modern Android Phone or iPhone works. In fact, some of the porn sites will offer you to send a free cardboard headset for your phone with a new membership. Playstation VR could only play VR movies in 2D at its release. 3D is possible now, by following the steps in this tutorial.

Most Popular Porn Sites

For a complete list, you can view the VR porn sites list of x3guide.

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