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Price:$24.95 per month
Terms:Memberships automatically renew at agreed times
Processor:Paycom, online check, pay via phone
Videos:Over 15,000 videos to download
Images:Over 750,000 photographs with 7,000 photosets and 30 – 130 pictures in each

Official Site - Twistys

Twistys is a site that boggles the mind as well as the eyes. Let’s look at the numbers first: 600,000+ Full Sized Photos, 14,000+ Action Filled Video Clips, 1,600+ Stunning Hand-Picked Models from all over the world, 75+ Full Length DVD Movies, more than 400 Gigabytes of content, updated Every Single Day.

Thousands of soft porn models intermixed with hardcore pornstars ready to perform anything. Twistys is serious eye-candy. The girls are from all over the world and there is no such thing as a "Twistys" ‘look’ beyond of course the fact that they are all jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Twistys combine the thrill of a large DVD clips collection with totally original photoshoots and soft porn innocence with hardcore content. The videos are in clips of three to five minutes but you can stream or download the whole movie. They update daily and have now added QuickTime to supplement the Windows Media File and AVI formats.

It’s hard actually to say anything wrong about Twistys. If you can consume a gigabyte of porn a week you need eight years just to get through the material they have at the moment without the daily updates.

Site Detail

Price: $24.95 per month

Terms: Memberships automatically renew at agreed times.

Processor: Paycom, online check, pay via phone

Videos: Over 15,000 videos to download.

Photographs: Over 750,000 photographs with 7,000 photosets and 30 – 130 pictures in each.


(+) A glossy variety site that caters to every taste.

(+) Updated every day.

(+) Incredible amount of material.

(+) Videos in a variety of formats.

(+) Zipped photosets.

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Online Reviews

“I watched 'All-American Anal' starring a gorgeous Brit named Ashley Long. It was from a DVD called '18 and Natural'. It rates as a 9.10 from 111 Twistys members who voted. I loved it! It began with a fun and humorous interview of the two stars, and pushed up the heat with some fiery anal, which ended in a volcanic eruption of cum across Ashley's moist lips. The movie was obviously professionally produced, and the image was 320x240, running at 464kbps through Windows Media Player. Quality was good, although not perfectly crisp, and the stereo sound was excellent and clear. Exclusive Twistys videos are a much higher quality running at 1130kbps and with a screen size of 480x360. " - Adult Reviews

“If you don't get hot simply anticipating logging into the member's page, then you sure as hell will be harder than a rock once you enter Twistys. Wow! Talk about stunning international babes! I'd give my right arm for each and every one of them - although fortunately, I need only buy a membership!” - (Rabbits Reviews.)- Rabbit’s Reviews (93/100)

“It seems to me that the goal of Twistys is to make the largest site they can, with the most popular nude models they can find. They use a variety of sources for content, and perhaps shoot a bit of their own. You'll often find pictures of girls wearing Twistys t-shirts in the odd set. I did notice a good number of the photos are licensed from DDGirls. The real draw here is all the glamour photos from some of the largest names in the business. Because they license photos from various sources, they can provide much more content than a single photographer could. Many of the models here have 30-50 SETS on the site! While I had seen some of them on various other sites, there were plenty I hadn't seen, which was refreshing.” - Adult Site Surfer

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