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Not to be confused with the 1997 Fallen Angel release Twisted (II).

Director:Paul Thomas
Runtime:78 mins.
Series:Not In Any Series
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Plot Summary

Upon meeting younger co-worker, David, buxom married Christy fantasizes about pleasuring him in the office. Not knowing this, David - who is engaged to be married - reveals he fantasizes about her. Christy says him acting on it would betray his fiancee, but it doesn't mean Christy can't pleasure him herself in his car. Christy and David then develop phone sex relationship, but she wants to go all the way. Feeling pressured, David asks to bring over a friend. The friend slowly gets over the awkward feeling, and David eventually joins in. Christy later fulfills her sexual fantasy by pleasuring David right in the office. Finally, David agrees to spend the night with Christy in a motel.



  1. Scene 1. Christy Canyon, TT Boy
  2. Scene 2. Tera Heart, TT Boy
  3. Scene 3. Christy Canyon, TT Boy
  4. Scene 4. Alicyn Sterling, Tera Heart
  5. Scene 5. Christy Canyon, TT Boy
  6. Scene 6. Christy Canyon
  7. Scene 7. Christy Canyon, Joey Silvera, TT Boy
  8. Scene 8. Christy Canyon, TT Boy

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2.5 / Warm

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