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Twilight Sex is more a play on the notion of having sex in twilight rather than the perhaps less salacious thought for some of sex in one’s twilight years.

Having said that there are text links on the site which lead to just about every conceivable type of sex you can get including Granny sex which at least makes this site a more complete point of call than your average TGP.

The quality of some of the links is not great but that is like saying some books which come out are not instant best sellers and then blaming the publisher rather than the publishing business.

Porn has to have fresh content to keep visitors coming back and the pressure for fresh content tends to water down quality. This is the way things work so deal with it and visit this site because as far as TGP sites go this one ain’t too bad at all.

Site Detail

Price: FREE

Terms: Free membership

Content: Videos and photographs some surprisingly fresh content


(+) Usual range of content

(+) Focus on young and old women with an emphasis on variety

(-) Not necessarily a bad thing it just fails to truly inspire

Online Reviews

"Twilight Sex is the place I go to when I want to just trawl the net for porn and have a spare hour or two to kill. The site is fascinating because the content is unexpected. I have found some gems there which really floated my boat but there have also been some that truly shocked me!" -- Erectus (4/5 - #2 Overall)

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