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Tristan Taormino
Tristan Taormino
Birthday:May 9, 1971
Astrological Sign:Taurus
Birth location:New York, NY
Years Active:1999-2008 (Started around 28 years old)
Hair color:Brown
Skin color:White
Tattoos:Band around right bicep; Large one on right thigh
Sexual orientation:Lesbian
No. of films:13 as director, 3 as performer
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Tristan Taormino (born May 9, 1971) is an award-winning author, columnist, editor, pornographic film director (and occasional actress) and self-styled "anal sexpert." She graduated Phi Beta Kappa with her Bachelor's degree in American Studies from Wesleyan University in 1993.


Tristan is the author of The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, which inspired the two movies of the same name. In the first, she put her own ass on the line, literally, and the second features her in a lesbian anal scene. Tristan is also the editor of the Lambda Literary Award-winning anthology Best Lesbian Erotica. Tristan's column, "Pucker Up," appears regularly in The Village Voice. Tristan has also appeared on many TV shows, including HBO's Real Sex, and speaks at colleges and universities across the country. She identifies as a "queer dyke," but has had sex with men on- and off-screen.

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  • Tristan is the niece of author Thomas Pynchon.


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