The Twin Peaks Of Mount Fuji

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The Twin Peaks Of Mount Fuji
The Twin Peaks Of Mount Fuji
Director:[[ ]]
Runtime:74 min
Series:Not In Any Series
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Plot Summary

The Evil Mount Fuji wants the formula for a secret love potion in order to rule the world. Rock Harden P.I. Is out to stop her, with a little help from beautiful Kimoko Yamara of Interpol. When Harden finally tracks down Mount Fuji, you won't believe what happens next! Mount Fuji (Minka), a female James Bond-type villain, has heard about a secret aprhodisiac type of love potion, and she wants it so she can control the world. Enter intrepid P.I. Rock Harden (Dave Hardman) who is out to stop Mount and keep her from her fiendish and dastardly plan.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Everyone in this picture does everyone, and this is one of the hottest products to come out of Sunshine Films... Minka is hot in her role as Mount Fuji, China Moon is a gas, as is Suzi Suzuki. Good laughs, better sex, magnificent cum.




  1. Scene 1. China Moon, Jack Hammer
  2. Scene 2. Suzi Suzuki, Rick O'Shea
  3. Scene 3. Minka, Dave Hardman
  4. Scene 4. Kia, Minka, Kyle Stone

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