Tails of Perversity

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Tails of Perversity
Tails of Perversity
Director:Patrick Collins
Studio:Elegant Angel
Runtime:130 mins.
Series:Tails of Perversity
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I've been in this business for over 16 years. Man, I'm Old!

Anyway most of this time I've wanted to do my own shows. Now Patrick Collins has given me a shot. I hope you like it. Â…And as Patrick says, "Let me know what you think.

Plot Summary

Strengths & Weaknesses



  1. Scene 1. Alicia Rhodes, Tony T.
  2. Scene 2. Christie Lee, Vicki Richter
  3. Scene 3. guy, Mick Blue, Roxanne Hall
  4. Scene 4. Cameron James, Hershel Savage
  5. Scene 5. Brandon Iron, Jake Malone, Tony T., Trinity Page