Taboo X

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Taboo X
Taboo 10
Director:Fred J. Lincoln
Producer:Intropics Video
Studio:Intropics Video
Runtime:86 min
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Preceded by: Taboo IX. Followed by: Taboo XI.
Alternately titled: Taboo 10 - Ten Years Later

Plot Summary

Enter a bizarre erotic world where fantasies are reality and inhibitions are left behind. A young doctor discovers that dealing with sexual deviance among his patients can open doors to depravity in his own life. He finds that he is easily sucked into a world that most consider taboo! And all this sexual deviance is here specifically for your viewing pleasure! So grab the lube, a fresh towel and get ready to have a fuck-tastic good time!


Non-Sex Performers


  1. Scene 1. Flame, Heather Lere, Mona Lisa
  2. Scene 2. Heather Lere, Meekah, Mona Lisa, Rob Tyler
  3. Scene 3. Melanie Moore, Mona Lisa, Tiffany Mynx
  4. Scene 4. Brooke Ashley, Cal Jammer, Jake Steed, Marc Wallice, Steve Hatcher, Unknown Male 5401-A, 2 other guys
  5. Scene 5. Meekah, Melanie Moore, Marc Wallice
  6. Scene 6. Teri Diver, Jonathan Morgan
  7. Scene 7. Heather Lere, Teri Diver
  8. Scene 8. Samantha York, Cal Jammer, Steve Hatcher

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3 / Volcanic

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