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Official Site - Sublime Directory

Sublime Directory is a misnomer that creates an immediate enigma: Is this a text link porn site that has failed to take off or is it a site that is still in beta mode and is going to be developed?

At a time when most TGP and text link porn sites work hard to create an impression Sublime Directory’s artistic efforts at creating an identity are limited to a little bit of green text against a white background.

Apart from that there is nothing else. The navigation is strictly vertical in the sense that you have to scroll the page and see everything that has been added there. Perhaps it will get better. If it does not its fate is already a given.

Site Detail

Format: Textlinks linking to other porn sites

Terms: Free porn content

Photographs: Hundreds of photographs on other sites

Videos: Hundreds of videos


(+) Typical text link porn site

(-) Messy organisation

(-) Not a great deal of content compared to other sites of a similar nature

Online Reviews

"Sublime Directory failed to rock our world because it still has not got a lot of content and the navigation in terms of structure is not there. Compared to some other sites we have seen this far from the best though we feel it is a lot better than the worst. " -- Adult Reviews

User Reviews

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