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Official Site - Sticky Hole

Sticky Hole is a play on the old Glory Hole of Tokyo’s red light district. It is a text link site with an incredible amount of content, divided by categories and updated daily.

Text link sites like Sticky Hole make their money through advertising and exchange of links through money and Sticky Hole has to be one of the most successful ones around simply because some thought has gone into the design to help make navigation for the average visitor a little easier.

The descriptions on each text link are easy to access and graphic enough, but what really makes it is the fact that you can scroll down a category from Ebony content to Anal sex and find exactly what you want within the many variations of its genre.

Site Detail

Format: Text links

Terms: Click and sample

Photographs: a thousands of photographs, none of high resolution

Videos: over 4000 video clips


(+) Great variety

(+) Divided into categories

(+) Nice design

(-) A little boring after a while

Online Reviews

"Sticky Hole works hard to stay true to its name. I had not visited it for a while and after three hours spend going through literally hundreds of sites I started wondering how I could have lived without it!" -- Mr Bellaco

User Reviews

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