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Steve Regis
Steve Regis
Years Active:1991-2001
Penis size:9 Cut
Height:5'9" (175 cm)
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Steve Regis was a star of gay pornographic movies during the early to mid-1990s. Born Randy Wendelin in 1955, he made his mark in the adult movie business while also appearing in mainstream and indie features as well as making television guest spots under his given name.

He garnered roles in films like Mafia Nights, The Big Dance, Nobody Sleeps and Ed TV, as well as in the daytime drama One Life To Live. Further celebrity would come from his appearances in over two dozen gay male titles from studios such as Catalina, HIS, Falcon Studios, Forum and All Worlds from 1990 to 1994.

Regis was candid about his entrance into the adult film arena, citing his intention of offering a more rugged, mature contrast to the standard of collegiate-looking, boyish stars, a ubiquitous trend in the business at the time. At thirty-five, he was debuting at an age considered long-past the traditional retirement point for performers in the youth-obsessed landscape. Despite his air of imposing virility, he displayed a charm and acting ability that ultimately never culminated in mainstream success outside of his Adult Film purview.

He retired from the industry in 1994 largely because of a worsening heart condition, turning his talents toward musical theater productions in Los Angeles and San Francisco. He drew very favorable notices for his performances, showing a deft sense of comedic timing and a willingness to spoof his macho image.

Regis was also very active on the political front, advocating both the legalization of gay marriage and the need for AIDS-related drug advances. His untimely end came in July 2001 in San Francisco when he suffered a fatal heart attack. He was forty-six. He is survived by his long-time partner.

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