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Price:$4.95 2-day trial or $19.95 per month or $99.95 for a year
Terms:Memberships automatically renew at agreed times
Videos:220+ scenes, online playback
Images:Over 170 photo galleries
Visit Site - is a subscription-based adult erotic website created for the female audience. It was the earliest Porn for Women website to be successful in the porn industry.

History has been creating explicit erotic art films (porn for women) online for years (1999). The site shoots performers who are couples off-screen and does a lot with exploring new filmmaking techniques. Their movies are story-based and crowdsourced by their members and tend to explore themes not usually found in adult entertainment. The end results are stunning and have brought them a multitude of awards.

Their movies and the site itself have been honored with numerous awards and nominations over the years, including most recently Adult Site of the Year -- For Women (XBIZ 2017), Feminist Porn Award (2017), Couples-Themed Release of the Year (XBIZ 2016), Feminist Porn Release (XBIZ 2015) and many other's. Sssh was the first adult company to be a semi-finalist at a mainstream film festival (Gone, Swedish Film Festival, 2016) and was the first to produce a VR movie geared towards women using dynamic storytelling that can be viewed with or without a headset, Empowering Ava (Nominated AVN 2017 - Best Virtual Reality Movie).

A narrative-rich space, also offers a large selection of original erotic fiction, audio books, podcasts, an extensive virtual world, and educational articles.


Sssh produces the Mindbrowse events, an interactive series of online live panel discussions that explore social issues related to sexuality and erotica.

The weekly Twitter-based chat program #SexTalkTuesday has featured noteworthy guest moderators including comedian Margaret Cho, sexpert Emily Morse, and performance artist Desiree Burch, among many others.


Adhering to the highest ethical standards, takes pride in treating its employees, performers, customers, business associates, and wider community with fairness, compassion, and respect. Sssh is a member of the Ethical Porn Partnership and was one of the first studios to receive the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) Stamp of Approval in January 2017. In an effort to spark ongoing multi-faceted conversation, founder Angie Rowntree spearheaded the industry-discussion site in May 2017.


And in an effort to support wider positive social change, Sssh contributes regularly to a variety of charitable causes benefiting communities around the world.


Rowntree has been profiled by media outlets including ABC’s Nightline, Cosmopolitan, CNBC, Fox, TIME Magazine, Psychology Today, Forbes, New York Times, among others. She was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2014 in the “Internet Founders Branch”

Site Detail

Price: $4.95 2-day trial, $19.95 recurring, or $99.95 for a year

Terms: Memberships automatically recur at published rates unless canceled

Processor: NETbilling

Videos: Over 220 episodes about 20 minutes each (streaming)

Pictures: Over 170 galleries about 45 pictures each, both in the softer erotic and porn genres

Text content: Lots of erotic novels, stories, educational articles, and sex tips

Genres Covered

  • Straight couples, men and women having sex. Lots of the videos have a story and have a sensual style.
  • Photos of sexy men
  • Women masturbating
  • Sensual girl-girl content
  • Light BDSM with bondage, restraints, and domination
  • Educational content: Sex tips, masturbational tips, vibrator tips


(+) An all-in-one premium site for women

(+) Created by women

(+) Both hardcore and sensual content

(-) No downloads, videos can only be viewed online

Online Reviews

" does a great job of producing and curating explicit films for a female audience" -- x3guide

"Trust me, there's nothing icky about Sssh. This is a well-rounded collection with high quality content, great written work, and lots of opportunity for interaction." -- The Best Porn

"There is no male touch here – almost no male touch, to be precise and that's exactly what will probably make all of you, ladies, feel perfectly at home inside the Members area of this resource." -- PornPaySites

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