Sex Fun

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Sex Fun
Sex Fun
Director:Dave Cummings
Studio:Dave Cummings
Runtime:90 mins.
Series:Sex Fun
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How romantic and loving can sizzling sex be? Well, when you view this video you'll agree that it is mighty hot! The scenes are filmed in unique locations and the passion is overflowing! But behind it all, Dave shows us just how much sex fun can be.

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  1. Scene 1. Dave Cummings, Holli Miles
  2. Scene 2. Dave Cummings, KellyFire
  3. Scene 3. Alana Evans, Rick Shaw
  4. Scene 4. Dave Cummings, Stacy
  5. Scene 5. Adina Jewel, Dave Cummings
  6. Scene 6. Dave Cummings, Samantha Sweet
  7. Scene 7. Aurora Cortez, Dave Cummings