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Birthday:April 15, 1954
Astrological Sign:Aries
Birth location:Radford, Virginia
Birth name:Dorothea Hundley Patton
Years Active:1978-1993 (Started at 24 years old)
Height:5'8" (172 cm)
Weight:110 lbs. (49 kg)
Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Blond
Alias(es):Sweet Alice
No. of films:208
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This platinum blonde sex machine of the 80's was born in Radford, Virginia where she was crowned homecoming queen as a teen. After high school she worked in the modeling industry, appearing in a handful of mainstream magazines such as Interview, Metro and Vanity Fair. Then she answered an ad for nude models where she made her first adult film at 22. Appearing in such movies as "Seka's Fantasies", "Anytime Anyplace", and Prisoner Of Paradise. Playboy called her “a bonafide video phenomenon” . A true erotic legend, she is a member of every porn star hall of fame,but after a fizzle in mainstream media, including an autobiography that never materialized, Seka tried returning to porn in Ron Sullivan's film American Garter which turned out to be a huge disappointment. She had gained 20 pounds and was beginning to lose her sex appeal. Even so, Seka remains one of the most recognized starlets of all time.

Strengths & Weaknesses

WIth her blonde tresses, large natural breasts, and pretty face, Seka is a beautiful woman. She often had good chemistry with her co-stars.

She was very prolific, and as a result, her films are of varying quality.

Interesting Facts

Seka married a fan who approached her at a hotel by saying, "You remind me of someone, but I don't want to say who it was, because you might slap me." She didn't slap him, but he was married and she was dating someone, so nothing came of it.

After his divorce, he contacted her through her website, and they started going out. As a fan, he enthusiastically supports her ongoing involvement in the porn industry.


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