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Rubee Tuesday
Rubee Tuesday
Birthday:October 23, 19??
Astrological Sign:Scorpio
Birth location:Westchester, CA
Years Active:1999-2007
Height:5'7" (170 cm)
Weight:123 lbs. (55 kg)
Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Red
Alias(es):Rubee, Ruby Tuesday, Serenity Lane, Rubie Twosday
No. of films:66
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There are not too many women out there who could successfully break into the XXX business after the age of 40, but Rubee Tuesday is an exception to every rule, including this one. Her specialty is fetish and BDSM films, as there is less competition in this genre of porn, and she admits that she has always been attracted to all things considered deviant. Rubee Tuesday grew up very much into the rock scene in Westchester, California, where she also attended University at Loyola Marymount before dropping out and moving to Hollywood. Working as a bartender and at an upscale massage parlor while attending mortuary school, she developed quite a drug and alcohol habit and was forced into rehab. There she experienced a religious conversion and became a born again Christian. Wanting to devote her life to helping others, she entered missionary school, where she met her future husband. The two then moved to Ventura, and she received her BA in Liberal Arts as well as her teaching degree. Soon after, a failed marriage and drug relapse led her to experience a second life-altering conversion, this time a spiritual awakening. However, while tutoring once again her old rebellious side kicked in, and Rubee Tuesday decided to give one of her wildest dreams a shot: she entered the porn industry in 1999 and has been filming ever since.

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