Private XXX 2

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Private XXX 2
Private XXX 2
Studio:Private Media
Runtime:110 mins.
Series:Private XXX
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9 girls carry out out their wettest fantasies! Discover why Monna Lisa smiles so much. Join in on this threesome "On the Rocks". Private XXX reveals the secrets of the latest Private Productions: "The Uranus Experiment" and "Private Collector".

Plot Summary

Strengths & Weaknesses



  1. Scene 1. 2 guys, Mony
  2. Scene 2. Christina Dark, guy, Melody Kord, Vanda Vitus
  3. Scene 3. blonde, brun, Frank Gun, guy
  4. Scene 4. 3 guys, Yelena Shieffer
  5. Scene 5. Cindy, Kati