Melissa Monet

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Melissa Monet
Melissa Monet
Birthday:July 16, 1964
Astrological Sign:Cancer
Birth location:New York, NY
Years Active:1994-2009
Height:5 feet, 1 inches (155 cm)
Weight:110 lbs (50 kg)
Hair color:Brunette
Skin color:White
Tattoos:Right hip; right ankle
Alias(es):Mellisa Monet
No. of films:9 as director
136 as performer
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Strengths & Weaknesses

From " A Dee Fan" 3/31.12: Melissa Monet is spanning more than one generation of viewers, having started in the early to mid 90s, and currently performing selected engagements as the older woman in both girl-girl and boy girl roles. Melissa never seems to be acting when her sexual pilot light gets lit. She has a natural body and performs best one on one, with no toys or pre-determined stunts to fulfill trendy genres. With her you get an earthy reality about sex - that you are supposed to have an honest lust simmering, threatening to boil over into that next level orgasm. Staying true to her standards may have forced her out of the performing ranks years ago, particularly the pressure to do anal and modify her sweetest features: natural breasts and a Striesand-ish nose that endears her to her true fans. She continued as a director before and during that sabbatical. She returned, and is perfect playing the MILF roles, especially as the older woman seducing a younger girl. Since the main vein of porn feasts on the over abundance of cute young girly type, Melissa's current biggest audience is among the lesbian genre that is crafted more for female viewers, many of whom are purists about two women, without the "toys" and buzzing gadgetry, with minimal or no male influences in direction - porn that real lesbians prefer, with as honest erotic realism as can be expected. Here, she's done some of her hottest work by far, where a woman is empowered to take an active role in her pleasure without being treated as an object to be tossed around and conquered. If you want to discover a true legend in adult entertainment, one that reeks with integrity and a true love of erotic pleasure, Melissa Monet is your girl.

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