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Official Site - MegaPussy

MegaPussy was inevitable given the nature of the porn game and the fact that the kitty angle question has been exhausted. Making no qualms about the nature of its business or its choice of nomenclature MegaPussy is not shy of blowing its own trumpet by announcing on the front page of its site: “You are about to embark upon the best free pussy on the internet. Mega Pussy offers pussy for free in all varieties including clean, shaven, wet, black, and hairy pussy. We work hard to serve over 20,000 porn surfers a day with a pleasurable browsing experience. We have a Thumbnail Gallery Post, A Picture Post, And An Adult Site Link Portal. Please take the time to bookmark this site now by pressing CTRL-D on your keyboard. We are sure you will be pleased and we shall be so happy so see you again soon. Remember to browse the sponsors of this site, so that Mega Pussy remains a 100% free web site.”

The problem with such generic, all-encompassing approach is that the porn market is so vast and so diverse that to be really all inclusive you will have to water down what you offer to the point that you do nothing well and fail to attract enough people to keep your site going.

Some of the best porn sites alive today work on the principle of a community feel and successful niche marketing and MegaPussy is definitely aimed at the opposite direction.

Having said all this, the site is still relatively new after some hiatus which means it needs time to develop and find its sealegs. It is interesting but already shows its age by asking users to register so they can access free porn. With so much material available just a click away which does not even put a cookie on your PC the registration in this case is certainly a little dated and an immediate obstacle to increasing their membership.

Site Detail

Format: Text links, online videos, TGPs and galleries

Terms: Free porn and usual text and video links

Photographs: Thousands of photographs

Videos: Thousands of videos


(+) A mix between TGP, text link and free porn site with sponsored ads and links to paysites

(+) A lot of enthusiasm

(-) Messy organisation

(-) The navigation is not great

Online Reviews

"MegaPussy is a site you need to visit at least once because it is an experience. The crew that runs it is enthusiastic, the site attracts traffic and our hunch here is that is going to start developing soon and providing better and better content." -- Adult Reviews

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