Lori Alexia

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Lori Alexia
Lori Alexia
Birthday:March 2, 1980
Astrological Sign:Pisces
Birth location:Barbados
Years Active:2004-2008 (Started at 24 years old)
Height:5 feet, 2 inches (157 cm)
Weight:105 lbs (48 kg)
Hair color:Black
Alias(es):Lori, Alexia, Penna Piererra
No. of films:73
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There was nothing but strengths and no weaknesses when it came to the aura that surrounded Lori Alexia. Her erotic performances, as they should be for most performers, was just a small part of what made her a presence in the time she had here on this earth. It is seldom admitted by most of the male fans of the erotic industry, but a true measure of the perfect fantasy sexual goddess is one that touches the vulnerable core of what makes us aroused, and a big part of that is inspiring a genuine affection for this woman we neither know nor are likely to ever meet. Lori Alexia was genuinely beautiful, visually as well as in her soul, now that we read what friends have said about knowing her off screen. But this review focuses on her adult movies phase. She had a self confidence that came across in her scenes. It seemed she was having fun, and we wanted to imagine we were a part of that. It's not enough to just "do" a woman in the virtual sense. Those that feel that way are not worthy, credible fans. The most entertaining part of the art of watching is that we can immerse ourselves and experience the virtual pleasure of imagined mutual sexual satisfaction.

She might remind you a little of a young Dominique Simone, or personally, a throwback to a 90s era star that briefly graced the screen who called herself Sade. A case could also be made to compare her to Janet Jackme. But make no mistake, Lori stood on her own! She was not a deer in the headlights - she had an enviable swagger that reflected a shining light of confidence that cannot be faked. You find yourself wanting to see her genuinely get off and imagine it's your doing. We know it's a game of illusion, but even the most jaded of veteran fans had to see a sparkle in her eyes that made her a rare exception to the masses that trudge through "the job" of masquerading erotica. If this was all just an act, then it was as good as we can expect from anyone. Her scenes with other women were adequate - but she sparkled best with men, and held her own in two girl threeway tussles. She one of the few women that had the chops to make it look easy in such a tough and unforgiving business.

Lori Alexis changed her stage name to Penna Piererra, and then left the adult industry on her own terms, and was in the midst of reinventing her herself as many ex-adult entertainers crave to do when it's time to get on with the rest of one's life. She made no apologies - this is a multi billion dollar industry and she was poised to make strides toward empowering women against the moral double standard that tries to oppress upward mobility in the life one's youthful dalliances.

Tragically, she was murdered on September 19, 2011. Perhaps the cruelest twist is that it was at the hands of a man she chose to trust with her love and her future during such an important transition. She will be missed dearly.

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